Fotografia No.1

Gallery 48 is delighted to present Fotografía No. 1: An exploration of Classical portraiture in modern society. With special guest appearances from LA based photographer Emily Knecht and London Fashion Photographer, Dean Martindale.

[pawr-tri-cher] noun 1. The art or an instance of making portraits.

Portrait art, as a genre, has taken on many forms since its inception as far back as Ancient Egyptian times; constantly changing and evolving with creative inclination. Fotografía No. 1 is proud to showcase 5 emerging, international photographers; exhibiting each artist’s unique understanding of creating portraits.

Emily Knecht (Los Angeles)

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Knecht received her BFA in Photography from the California Institute of the Arts and will begin her MFA study at Parsons School of Design in New York this autumn.

Knecht bears her soul in a self-reflective exploration of vulnerability and sexuality. As well as focusing on the American landscape to contemplate the relationship between place & memory, people & their bodies and the photographer & photograph.

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Dean Martindale (London)

Working in the Fashion industry for over 10 years has been the foundation of Martindale’s photography style. Attracting an enviable client list including: Nike, Adidas, Puma, Converse & Coach, Martindale is currently collaborating with the leading menswear store, End.

His street style aesthetic is inspired by capturing his subject in their natural environment.

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Tobias Regell (Stockholm)

Stockholm based lifestyle photographer, Tobias Regell, has a gift for capturing the essence and soul of his models; the simple beauty of the moment.

He has worked with editors and clients from Bentley Motors to Cosmopolitan, but whether shooting professional models or passing strangers, there is an honesty to his images that reflect both sides of the camera. Regell’s belief in humanity shines throughout his work.

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Anna Radchenko (London/Russia)

Radchenko is an image maker and art director based in London. In 2014 she graduated from the London College of Fashion with an MA distinction in Fashion Photography and received the One Eyeland Award as Student Photographer of the Year.

Her publications include: Schön!, Collezioni, Eclectic & HUF.

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Lara Giliberto (Paris/Milan)

Born in Milan, Italy in 1981, Giliberto attended the Politecnico of Milan where she studied Fashion Design and developed a passion for photography.

Travelling intensified this passion and, after school, she devoted her life to the art form; assisting a number of photographers as well as spending time working in New York and Milan.

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Date: 09th June 2016 – 31st July 2016

Times: 9am – late

Admission Fee: free